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ABE Student Clinic

ABE Massage School and Clinic sponsors a student clinic for the benefit of both students and the public. Student clinic gives students the opportunity to work in real life situations with supervision from instructors and it allows the public to receive massage at a discounted rate. Evening student clinic operates from September to March. Daytime student clinic operates from March to June. 

Our next student clinic will start in September of 2024.

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ABE also has two in-house massage therapists

Brenda Wiesner, LMT

Brenda Wiesner, LMT is a 1996 graduate of Seattle Massage School. Brenda specializes in hard-to-treat conditions, sports massage for injury and performance improvement, and chronic pain and dysfunction. Brenda is an instructor at ABE and a former instructor at Seattle Massage School. Her take on bodywork includes assessing the client’s relationship with gravity, dysfunctional postural and movement patterns, restrictions that keep painful cycles happening, and ways to improve client function through education and lifestyle change.

If you have exhausted your treatment options or have been dissatisfied because your therapist doesn’t do deep bodywork, call Brenda. Brenda can also be reached at 509-430-2790.

Rebekah Norman, LMT

Rebekah Norman, LMT is a recent graduate from massage school and has eagerly pursued continuing her education and skill development with a niche in Sports Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Therapy Treatment. Rebekah enjoys working with clients seeking massage therapy for the purpose of sports performance enhancement, post-event recovery, and injury prevention or treatment.

If you suffer from inhibited function due to your work profession, Rebekah can assess your movement patterns and provide massage therapy to help reduce painful symptoms.

To book an appointment with Rebekah, call or text 360-450-4911.

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