Prospective Students

Why Become a Massage Therapist?

Consider this…..

Massage therapy is projected to grow by 21% between 2019-2029 which is faster than average.  The median salary for massage therapists in Washington State is $49,860 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022) with the 90th percentile earning $90,530.

Massage Therapy is a low-stress career because schedules are flexible whether you are working as an employee or the sole proprietor of a business. You can control your life and your time. Massage therapy is a great career for people who want to start their own business and for those who don’t; massage therapists are in high demand at chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management clinics and at spas, resorts, and recreational facilities.

Female massage therapist or a doctor examining newborn baby boy with the mother watching in the background. Baby massage concept.

Massage therapists can grow in many directions. The foundation education is compatible with sports medicine, physical therapy, personal training, and other health care industries. 

What you learn in massage school will benefit you for years to come, both personally and professionally. This includes health and wellness, communication, and problem-solving, Understanding the human body and the concepts of health and wellness carry forward to understanding other complex systems.

Is a Career in Massage Therapy Right for You?

Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Are you interested in the alternative and complementary health industry? Consider a career in massage therapy! 

The ABE Professional Licensing Program is academically robust. Be sure that you have enough time and energy in your life to do the work both in and out of class. Our admissions advisors are here to answer your questions concerning our massage school and the requirements of the program. We will help you determine your eligibility, show you what the day-to-day program looks like, and walk you through the following steps.

Start Your Massage School Journey

Fill Out An Contact Form.

Students interested in our program should fill out our Contact Form found under the “Prospective Student” dropdown menu. By doing so, our admission advisors are able to contact you with answers to your questions regarding program details and how to further enroll. 


Becoming A Prospective Student

Now that we have a way to contact you, administrators will send you the Prospective Student Packet by email. 

This packet will include:

  • Prospective Student Information
  • AMTA Student Fact Sheet
  • Courses Offered
  • Academic Calendar 
  • Student Application ($100 fee applies)

Schedule an Interview and Campus Visit

Submit your application along with the $100 application fee*. After your application has been received, we need to meet you! ABE representatives will reach out to schedule an admissions interview and campus visit. 

*The application fee is used to run a WA State Patrol (WATCH) background check. Past criminal convictions could affect eligibility for licensing.

Acceptance and Enrollment

ABE will send a formal acceptance letter. Students have one week prior to the start of the first class to sign the enrollment form and read and sign the ABE Student Agreement Form in the handbook. A copy of your high school diploma, GED or college transcripts will be needed prior to the start of class.

Prospective Students need to have received at least one professional massage prior to starting the program. Call us if you need a referral.


Financial Agreement and Tuition

Completion of the Financial Agreement and a deposit of 10% of the total tuition cost is required one weeks before the start of classes. ABE does not offer Federal Financial Aid. 

Welcome to ABE Massage School & Clinic

Advanced Bodywork Education is proud to welcome you to our massage school! Your journey to a successful and fulfilling career begins now.

Signing An Enrollment Agreement

Enrolling guarantees your spot in the program. Other enrollment activities include receiving the Student Handbook and signing financial forms.

Pick your Seat in the Class

With all the items completed, its time to prepare for the start of class! The ABE staff will help you select books, supplies, and equipment. A list of supplies is available under the Student tab on the website.

Determine Your Eligibility

To be eligible to study at Advanced Bodywork Education, all students must be at least 18 years of age, pass a WA State background check, have a high school diploma or equivalent degree, and be able to perform and receive regular massage safely.

Students enrolling in the school  should understand lectures and written material in English.

Past criminal records may affect the ability to become licensed which could affect your ability to enroll in classes. 


ABE does not discriminate

Advanced Bodywork Education believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Advanced Bodywork Education welcomes students of any gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, national or ethnic origin, and/or religion.